Reconciliation Action Plans

A Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is a tool that enables organisations to make their contribution to a reconciled Australia. Building on three key concepts – Relationships, Respect, and Opportunities – corporate, not-for-profit and government groups can work to create social change and economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Reconciliation NSW works in partnership with Reconciliation Australia to help organisations develop meaningful and appropriate RAPs. Since 2006, thousands of organisations, schools and early learning services have created a RAP, generating significant opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and individuals. From educating employees, to developing or attending Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander events, to setting Indigenous employment targets, there are countless ways in which organisations can work towards their vision for reconciliation.

You can read more about Reconciliation Action Plans and see RAPs developed by groups around the country at Reconciliation Australia’s RAP Hub. If you are interested in speaking with Reconciliation NSW to help find out more about creating a RAP for your organisation, please contact us at 

Factsheet for Everyone    Factsheet for the Workplace      Factsheet for Schools

To develop a RAP for your organisation:

Step 1:

The first step for an organisation that is considering developing a RAP is to contact Reconciliation Australia (RA), who is funded to coordinate the Nationwide Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) registration program. You can register your interest through the Reconciliation Australia website.  Once you have registered your interest, RA will provide you with a number of resources to guide you through the RAP development process.

Step 2:

Join Reconciliation NSW as an organisational member and become part of our circle of organisations who are committed to creating change and working towards a NSW identity that reflects our true history, and promotes and celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, equity and self-determination.

Reconciliation NSW is not a straightforward consultancy firm for developing RAPs. As a non-profit member organisation, we rely upon our organisational membership fees to enable this one-on-one work with corporates and groups to assist them to develop and achieve their reconciliation goals.

Step 3:

Get connected locally. Reconciliation NSW can work with organisations to assist your reconciliation journey. As the peak reconciliation organisation in NSW, Reconciliation NSW can provide a range of localised information and resources, including:

  • Information: about engaging appropriately with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and how to take an intentional approach to finding appropriate external stakeholders to guide your RAP journey
  • Connections: within your sector, local Aboriginal communities, other reconciliation groups and supporters
  • Consultants: access to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business and strategy consultants to provide ideation workshops
  • Resources and advice: about protocols, policy developments, Indigenous suppliers, procurement processes, cultural awareness and competency training
  • Speakers for your reconciliation, management or other teams and/or your events
  • Events and learning: Access to and information about public and member only events, learning and networking opportunities.
  • Membership and volunteer opportunities for staff, and more.


If you are interested in speaking with Reconciliation NSW to help find out more about creating a RAP for your organisation, please contact us at 

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