Schools Reconciliation Challenge

The Schools Reconciliation Challenge is an annual writing and art program for young people across NSW and the ACT.

The Schools Reconciliation Challenge is one way for students to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia and contribute positively to Australian society, while meeting the objectives of the K-6 and 7-10 syllabus.

Every year, we ask students to create artworks and stories inspired by a theme, and to reflect on what reconciliation means to them.

The 2022 Schools Reconciliation Challenge

From River to Sea: Our Island Home

Water has been the lifeblood for First Nations people who, for over 60,000 years, have lived on this vast and arid continent. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their relationship with water goes far beyond that of just physical survival; it is deeply embedded in identity, connections spirituality and ways of life as First Nations people.

In 2022 we invite schools to be inspired by and engage with this year’s theme

From River to Sea: Our Island Home.

2022 has already experienced extremes in water patterns, highlighting the need for us all to understand and learn from Indigenous land management practises and relationships to water.

This year we invited schools to learn, share and participate!

By exploring the theme From River to Sea: Our Island Homestudents will:

Learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander relationships with water.

Learn about the diversity of expert First Nations knowledge of water, understand its importance to culture and how this knowledge aids survival.

Be inspired to learn about waterways in their local community, their significance to Aboriginal people, and how these waterways are used and cared for today.

Participate in learning activities that explore…ancient methods of fishing and water management, Dreaming stories about the creation of waterways, impacts of European settlement on vital water sources and more!







The Schools Reconciliation Challenge Regional Tour

Each year, supported by National Trust NSW, the winning entries are assembled into an exhibition and tour NSW.
See the tour dates for the 2022 Regional Tour  of the 2021 Schools Reconciliation Challenge, Under One Sky: Yesterday, Today and Forever and the 2020 Caring for Country Finalists. These  artworks will be exhibited online via Questacon and on the lobby walls of International Towers at Barangaroo during National Reconciliation Week.

Past Themes and Catalogues

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2011 You Me Us
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2014 Our Journey
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2016 Always Was, Always Will Be

2017 Where’s Your Country?

2018 Our Voices, Our Future!

2019 Speaking and Listening from the Heart

2020 Caring for Country
2021 Under One Sky: Yesterday, Today and Forever

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