Reconciliation NSW is the peak body for advancing reconciliation in NSW.


  • We connect individuals and organisation with information, resources and services relating to reconciliation
  • We work with and support an independent network of Local Reconciliation Groups, who host a range of events and activities to advance reconciliation in their communities
  • We work with community partners to connect schools with Aboriginal Elders, artists, writers and educators
  • We encourage organisations in NSW to develop their own Reconciliation Action Plans and provide support for their development and implementation
  • We work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders to advocate and influence policy discussion to advance social justice, equity and self-determination


  • We build cultural awareness and competence
  • We actively provide resources and tools to increase the knowledge, understanding and commitment of the wider community to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, cultures and equity
  • We create programs and events to engage NSW and ACT school students and educators in reconciliation, such as the Schools Reconciliation Challenge
  • We provide curriculum-aligned resources and tools to enable NSW teachers to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content and perspectives into everyday learning


  • We encourage NSW Parliament’s bi-partisan commitment to reconciliation by hosting a program of events through Reconciliation in Parliament
  • We provide a platform for open discussion and community interaction around racism through events such as I’m Not Racist, But …
  • We work with communities around NSW to build a people’s movement to support and advance agreement making, constitutional reform and truth-telling processes in NSW
  • We work to promote greater engagement in reconciliation at the local government level
  • We actively participate in the Australian Reconciliation Network to contribute to a national reconciliation agenda

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