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Reconciliation NSW, strongly and unwaveringly, supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart in full. We will continue to be led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership to work to implement Voice, Treaty and Truth in NSW.

We acknowledge the tireless work and effort that went into the referendum campaign. To all the Indigenous leaders, organisations, and community members, we thank you for your generous invitation to walk together. And to the allies who accepted this offer with open hearts, fighting to the very end with tenacity and hope, we thank you. The referendum has failed, and we must grieve but not lose hope. The work for a fairer and more socially just Australia for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples continues. We will stand beside and behind the Aboriginal communities in NSW to see where our energy is needed next.

Where to next

In the wake of this missed opportunity in Australia’s history, there are key areas of work we must harness to address equality and equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Truth-telling and treaty

The NSW government has committed $5 Million in funding to support a treaty consultation process in NSW. Reconciliation NSW remains supportive of this process and involved where possible.

Individuals can help campaign for treaty in NSW.

  1. Read ANTAR’s factsheet on Treaty in NSW
  2. Find out your local electorate
  3. Send an email or letter to your local MP, the NSW Premier, and to the Leader of the Opposition, making it clear that you want the NSW government to continue on their commitment to a path towards treaty.

What was made overwhelmingly apparent by the Referendum is too many Australians do not have sufficient understanding of the true history of this continent and the lived experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander disadvantage. We will continue to advocate for truth-telling in schools, institutions and organisations and will amplify Indigenous voices on these matters. Learn about truth-telling in this country, visit ANTAR’s Truth-Telling Resource. 


Anti-racism is now one of our key organisational focuses. The deeply embedded racist views Australia holds can no longer be ignored after being exposed on a world stage. Visit Reconciliation NSW anti-racism to learn more.

Don’t stop fighting

Continue to show up as an ally for First Nations people, causes and organisations. Visit our campaigns page and show your support by:

  • Volunteering
  • Joining a Local Reconciliation Group
  • Donating to a campaign
  • Sharing First Nations content on social media and within your sphere of influence

Influence Politicians

Make it clear to your local politicians that one of your voting priorities is to advance First Nations rights. You can also help stop the spread of political misinformation – an unprecedented proliferation was seen in the referendum No campaign – support Zali Steggall’s bill for better voter protections in political advertising.

Support First Nations communities and organisations 

As we saw in the campaign, visible support is so important. Buy from Blak business and wear your supporter merch. Show your neighbours, family, friends, and community that you support First Nations rights. You can also find out who the local Aboriginal organisations in your area are and reach out to see how you can best support them.

Referendum Response

In response to the outcome of the 2023 referendum for an Indigenous voice to parliament, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders, community members, and organisations have shared an open letter.

‘A Statement for our People and Country’


Reconciliation NSW Voice Treaty Truth Toolkit

This toolkit contains detailed factsheets to host your own event, learn about the Uluru Statement, and have conversations to spread the word about a Voice to Parliament.


Uluru Statement from the Heart Toolkit

  1. 1.1. Welcome, 1.2. The Uluru Statement from the Heart, 1.3. Call to Action – What can I do? 
  2. Factsheets: 2.1. Voice, 2.2. Treaty, 2.3.Truth, 2.4. Makaratta, 2.5. Engaging with the Statement: FAQS and Discussion Prompts
  3. Host an Event: 3.1. Host an Event: Why, What, Who, Where When and How, 3.2. Event Checklist Summary, 3.3. Event checklist template, 3.4. Welcome to Country guide, 3.5. Ideas for speakers and panellists to host your event, 3.6. Templates: invitation, sign-in sheet, & Media Release, 3.7. Social media kit
  4. Advocacy and dinner table conversations: 4.1. Conversation guide & script, 4.2. Strategic Advocacy Framework, 4.4. Conversation Tips, 4.5. Key information for campaigning, 4.6. Debunking myths and addressing misinformation
  5. Resources: 5.1. Training & Videos, 5.2. Reading List, 5.3. Printable resources, 5.4. Templates: MP letters, posters
  6. Other: How to be a Good Ally, Support the Uluru Statement in your Workplace, Uluru Statement from the Heart artwork meaning

Actions you can take now

See our full  list of videos, films and explainers

Referendum council member Megan Davis presents the National Indigenous Constitution Convention’s statement at the closing ceremony in Mutitjulu, Northern Territory. This is a simple video to use to understand the core essence of the Uluru Statement, and to share with others.

*Reconciliation NSW thanks the Yes Alliance Capacity Fund, a sub fund of Australian Communities Foundation for their support for printing and mailing of information materials, social media communications, and volunteers to educate the public about the Referendum in 2023.


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