Adding value to your membership

By collaborating with us to achieve successful delivery of our strategic projects, you will be contributing to a reconciled, just and equitable community for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians in NSW. Reconciliation NSW’s projects, events and services are funded from a variety of sources including association memberships, philanthropic support and the valuable and significant financial support of our Partners. Our Project Partners are steadfast in their commitment to reconciliation.  Reconciliation NSW would like to sincerely thank our Members and Partners who have collaborated with us to deliver strategic projects that support, educate and inspire the people of NSW to engage deeply in reconciliation. Receive:

  • Alignment with the commitments set out in your Reconciliation Action Plan
  • Opportunities with a range of different people and organisations drawing on their innovation to build your social license to operate
  • Engagement and connection with like-minded organisations enabling a useful network for the future and enhancing your prospects of creating collaborative partnerships
  • Capacity to support NSW Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities by establishing meaningful contacts and relationships with key community contacts
  • Transformative lived experiences to foster a workplace which celebrates:
    • Staff diversity and resilience/retention
    • Cultural awareness and the application of competence
    • Diverse and resilient supply chain development
    • Elevated reconciliation activity success
    • Elevated reconciliation status

Partnership/sponsorship agreements and benefits are customised to suit the level of support and organisation’s desired outcomes, ranging from:


We can also tailor sponsorship packages which include a combination of financial and in-kind components.

If you’d like to discuss partnership opportunities, please contact our CEO via email

Marcus Hughes, MAAS Head of Indigenous Engagement & Strategy

The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences has been a proud supporter of Reconciliation NSW and the Schools Reconciliation Challenge (SRC) since 2016. “MAAS has worked with Reconciliation NSW for the past five years and in that time has seen the program engage students in positive models of reconciliation that they will take into their adult lives. We look forward to continuing this important work with the SRC.”

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