Shared Online Learning Program for First Nations and Jewish Communities

June 29, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

First-Ever First Nations-Jewish Interactive Online Course, hosted by the Sydney Jewish Museum.

The connections and collaborations between First Nations and Jewish Australians have focused on ensuring the survival of two ancient cultures, with both peoples having endured persecution and recognising the importance of speaking out against injustice. They have similarly focused on positives: walking in two worlds; protecting and enriching heritage, traditions and beliefs; and ensuring that younger generations continue to transmit  and also benefit from cultural knowledge and values.

Our lineup of panellists is truly extraordinary, including Senator Pat Dodson, Justice Stephen Rothman AM, Professor Henry Reynolds, Rabbi Dr Benjamin Elton, Tony McAvoy SC-FJC, Dr Avril Alba, Marcus Stewart, Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins OAM, Pastor Ray Minniecon and others

It is possible to participate in single sessions – $20 each – or the entire program – $120.

Learning experience program:

Tuesday 1st June , 7pm:
Topic: Story – This week’s lecture will focus on the importance of storytelling in understanding cultures. Book here

Tuesday 8th June, 7pm:
Topic: Land – focusing on the significance of land to culture and history. Book here

Tuesday 15th June, 7pm:
Topic: Identity – focusing on the notion of identity and the ways in which rites of passage connect us with ourselves.  Book here

Tuesday 22nd June, 7pm:
Topic: History – This week’s session will focus on the importance of acknowledging genocides in history. Book here

Tuesday 29th June, 7pm:
Topic: Justice – focusing on the notion of justice in the context of Aboriginal/Jewish partnerships throughout history. Book here