All Together Now for Reconciliation

All Together Now for Reconciliation is a simultaneous classroom experience specially created to provide easy and accessible cultural content and is a great way to engage kids in Reconciliation for National Reconciliation Week.

Children as young as three can explore the 2019 Schools Reconciliation Challenge theme, Speaking and Listening from the Heart, by learning a song in language. The learning experiences for school students involve watching a video and participating in digital learning activities that investigate truth telling and what it takes to walk alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples with courage and pride.

The online resources provide an opportunity for many teachers and early childhood educators to get involved during National Reconciliation Week.

The aim of this new online platform developed in collaboration with Wingaru Kids is to engage classrooms and students from all around the country in a simultaneous reconciliation experience during National Reconciliation Week. The platform will be live from May 20 – June 30. Don’t miss out on these free and fun online activities.

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