Bridge-ing the Gap

Petition for the Indigenous Australian flag to be placed on the Harbour Bridge.

Reconciliation NSW is proud to support the petition to fly the Aboriginal flag permanently on top of the Harbour Bridge alongside the Australian and NSW flags. Initiated back in 2017 by Kamilaroi woman, Cheree Toka  on , where the online petition has now gathered over 120,000 digital signatures. However, it could not be used towards the 10,000 signatures required to lodge to NSW Parliament, as they don’t accept digital petitions . Thanks for assisting us and Cheree to reach 10,000 physical signatures on paper. 

The debate was brought into the Legislative Assembly on 20 November 2019. The NSW Government failed to reach an outcome on flying the Aboriginal flag alongside the Australian flag on the Harbour Bridge. There is no statement on rejecting the permanent flying of the Aboriginal flag. The campaign continues.

After submitting the 10,000 signatures into NSW Parliament on in November 2019 and during the debate, the Minister for Roads and Transport advised that there were structural issues around erecting a third flag pole.

Months later this was the response from NSW Government.


Send an email to the Minister asking him to support the issue and to keep the flag on the bridge all year long!

Read more here:

“In a reconciled NSW, First Nations peoples and cultures are supported to thrive and are treated with dignity and respect. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the perfect place to proudly show the world that we value and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures as a proud part of a shared national identity, every day. Permanently flying the Aboriginal Flag on the Sydney Harbour Bridge alongside the Australian and NSW flags responds to wide public support, is a strong symbol of reconciliation, and is an acknowledgement and acceptance of our true shared histories. We hope the NSW Government will work with community organisers to find a way to make a permanent flagpole for the Aboriginal flag on the Sydney Harbour Bridge a reality.”

– Reconciliation NSW




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